Financed Services

Did you know that your business might be eligible for government or EU funding to help you with internationalization, innovation, language training and research & development? Maka gives you full support in identifying and preparing applications for grants that could assist with internationalizing your company and satisfying your staff language needs.

EU and Italian Opportunities

Both the European Union and individual nation states offer many grants, awards and other opportunities to fund training or translation projects for businesses of all sizes. In Italy, for example, some companies may be eligible to offset language training costs against tax payable on employee’s health and insurance coverage.

The European Commission provides small businesses with funds to aid internationalization, provided the money is invested in training, research and development and innovation. Maka’s multilingual translation or training services can qualify for this funding.

Training Opportunities

Maka offers a full service for financed courses helping:

  • Identify opportunities for funding
  • Tailor services to meet admission criteria
  • Prepare applications
  • Design and deliver language projects
  • Manage the reporting or assessment required by awarding bodies

Are you missing an opportunity to get financial support for your language training?

To take advantage of available financing for your organization

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