Make the right impression for your international brand reputation by having foreign texts and translations proofread, edited, reviewed, and corrected and page layouts controlled before publishing or sending.

Properly written foreign text and translation with the right grammar, vocabulary, structure, and tone makes your product or service seem real, serious, and professional to a mother-tongue speaker.

In over 50 languages

A team of professional, mother-tongue proofreaders, editors, post-editors, and reviewers in over 50 languages for any text, document or layout including:

  • Press releases
  • Presentations
  • Manuals
  • Brochures
  • DTP
  • Reports
  • Balances
  • Contracts
  • Proposals
  • White papers
  • Training materials
  • Packaging
  • Books
  • Guides
  • Documents

Writing foreign language text

Writing foreign language text can be a tricky business. Being able to speak, say English, well, is no guarantee of proficiency when it comes to writing. Joseph Conrad and Nabokov may have gotten away with it, but most of us are unable to manipulate the idioms, grammar, punctuation, approach and other nuances of a foreign tongue unless we were educated in it from very young.

That leaves us with three ways to handle those documents, brochures, websites and monthly memos in English.

  • Write your text in the language you feel comfortable in, that you feel you can really express yourself in and then have it translated
  • Use a mother tongue copywriter
  • Write directly in English, or your target foreign language, and have one of our proofreaders or editors clean it up for you

Our services

Choose between a light proofreading for texts intended for internal distribution or a full service revision for texts intended for publishing and for the public.

Check the facts.

This service is useful for texts written by non-native speakers that aren’t wholly proficient, computer aided translation or texts translated by third parties.

We check for accuracy comparing it with the original document, intent and tone or adjust it to company style guides and proofread.

Small errors can make a big difference.

Maka runs a final proofreading on all of our translation as standard but you can access it as a standalone service as a last step before you go into publication or print.

We check your work for:
– structure & syntax
– grammar & punctuation
– lexis & word choice
– tone & style
– consistency

Adapt your style to your audience.

Sometimes more than a proofread is called for and a little contents tweaking is necessary to align a text to your target market.

We edit the organizational structure and check for clarity and consistency. We also make sure that the tone of voice and style align with both your brief and your target audience.

Send your text or website link to us for an evaluation and free price quote.

Need to adapt your copy and contents to a local market? Try our creative writing services.

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