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Business English and foreign language training courses for individuals and organizations who need essential language skills for career improvement, specific work challenges and business success.

Better communication means better productivity

A complete 360° approach to learning languages for work and business that offers tangible benefits for efficiency, productivity and proficiency.

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Choose from over 50 languages including:

We offer no end of English courses, from sector and skill specific to general, business, and executive training, workshops, exam preparation, and coaching, all strictly made-to-measure.

With over 220 million speakers French is learned in every country across the globe, is the third most used language on the net and France is still a key economic partner that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Vive la France!

Spanish can open the door to over 350 million consumers in 21 countries, Hispanics are one of the fastest growing market segments. No wonder it was named one of the Languages of the Future.

With a rich colonial past and a bright economic and cultural future thanks to Brazil becoming the superpower of Latin America, Portuguese is easy to learn and a lot of fun.

No verb tenses, no genders, and no cases make Mandarin Chinese one of the easiest languages to learn. (Don’t let the pictograms throw you off.) Now the world’s largest economy, and open to foreign investment and cooperation it just makes business sense to learn Mandarin.

With a rich culture, growing importance in international affairs, significant market expansion, and a GDP of over 600 billion across the Middle East, there are always new potential business opportunities to be had if you speak Arabic.

Beautiful to look at and challenging to learn, Russian is a must for trading with Russia where business is booming and they are open to international partnerships.

Some of the best known brands in the world are Japanese, there are over 90 million internet users and Japan is a key export destination for many countries. Japanese is a demanding languages but you need some skills to navigate the culture and business etiquette.

Tailored for better business

Our 360° assessment test targets strengths and weaknesses across communications, grammar and structure, functional and business competency to target the soft skills and areas of micro skills for improvement and we tailor each program accordingly.

The Maka ACT® method of learning by doing means learners enjoy lessons and can use new language skills immediately to:

  • Speak more fluently
  • Participate actively in meetings
  • Improve email and writing form and clarity
  • Increase business vocabulary
  • Handle social and formal situations
  • Build overall motivation and confidence
  • Handle cross-cultural situations

Multicultural trainers provide essential cultural context

We don’t just teach what to say but how to say it, giving the cultural context needed to get successful results when working with customers and colleagues in a different language.

Reporting for better ROI

An easy-to-read assessment and reporting system lets HR target staff so organizations can easily track the return on their investment.

Our 360° Business language courses are available as one-to-one training or in small groups of up to 6 for businesses and organizations. They can be held on your company premises, virtually or in Maka Center. The length, intensity and formula are adapted to personal or company requirements, budget and objectives.

It's as easy as



Order a course through one of our language consultants via telephone or email, letting us know what you really need, for who, when, where, and how and we’ll send you a preliminary proposal.


A language specialist will contact you for a needs analysis and speaking test to find out your strengths, weaknesses, and special requirements and our course coordinator will send our written test. We’ll send you your scores and discuss suggestions.


We match the best trainer to your professional requirements and set a tailored program and schedule and you’re ready to learn and do better business.

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