Skillz Business in English Courses

Give your team full access to innovative live-streaming business courses in English

Get unlimited business learning with live teachers plus on-demand lessons for one low monthly fixed fee

Skillz is an innovative learning platform with micro “seed” learning sessions of 20-minute to full 60-minute courses to fit busy schedules.

Short courses and lessons are designed around real business topics and needs. From learning to give presentations and negotiate in English to courses on management and leadership.

Our all-inclusive all-you-can-learn platform has practical lessons with live teachers all-day. Learn how to do new things in a few short minutes and put them into practice everyday to work smarter.

Content-based microlearning integrates subject-matter learning with language learning to make it memorable and useful.

Provide employees and professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to work and work in English.


The Best of Both Worlds - Live Sessions and Video Lessons On-Demand

Live or On-Demand Lessons

Attend a live business course with an experienced mother-tongue english trainer or stream it later on-demand as a video lesson.

Set your Time Zone

Use one single business learning platform for all your employee training programs across the globe.

Flexible Learning

Choose from short courses to full 60-minute business lessons to fit your schedule. Join a live course when your busy schedule allows it or watch it later on demand.

Mazimize your Training Budget with Microlearning

Real-Life Topic-Based Business Courses for Today's Global Teams

Real-life learning on current business and work topics and trends make courses relevant and useful and engages learners for real business value.

New Engaging Course Contents & Materials Weekly

All our courses are designed through a feedback loop. Surveys and engaging directly with stakeholders means we continue to create and teach new and relevant courses weekly.

Hybrid Real-Life Learning English + Business

Integrate learning language skills with improving business skills to make language learning targeted and relevant to the workplace.

Diverse people learning in dynamic online Business classes with new interesting content and topics added regularly. An alternative live e-learning solution to upskill.

Professional Business Trainers and Coaches

Native Mother Tongue English Business Trainers

Skillz trainers are highly experienced professional English mother-tongue tutors and coaches specialized in their field of expertise.

Skillz business course coaches teach in native English globally across 70 countries to help companies prepare employees to work globally in English.

High Training Course Engagement

Interactive live trainers and useful course contents for direct application make lessons meaningful and keep interest and motivation high.

Why Choose Learning with Skillz for Skill Development and Career Growth

Get higher employee engagement and ROI with an innovative learning platform for business and reskill and train your team with the necessary skills to be ready for change.

Great ROI for Training and Development

People love our courses. Our business learning modules are an amazing return on investment as company employees learn English while learning a current business skill.

Increased Job Satisfaction

Practical and useful courses provide personal and professional growth opportunities for higher job happiness.

Fast and Effective Upskilling and Reskilling

Mini 20 minute true-to-business topic based courses and course materials for work are more effective. Relevant lessons on topics like how to give a presentation, how to run a meeting, and customer service make learning quick and improve performance right away.

Free Trial for Companies

Want to try out our innovative hybrid Business English Learning Platform to Boost Performance of your Team?

Get two full weeks of unlimited access to all of our courses for you and up to 10 of your employees for free.

Full Course Tracking, Mandate Control and Employee Reporting in one Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Business learning software dashboard to track employee attendance, assign courses and run reports

Track all your company training with a user-friendly dashboard designed for HR departments.

Check progress and see learner engagement, monitor attendance, add users, assign courses, mass-invite employees, check polls and more with the full reporting suite.

What’s more you can directly download reports for your financed courses.

Continuous Professional Development

All of our live online courses are tailored especially for business people and professionals and designed for lifelong learning for company training and development programs.

Keep up with the need to train and retrain employees with market trends and innovation. New live courses and content are added monthly, as changes happen.

All Business courses are certified CPD (Continuous Professional Development) by the British association.

A CPD course certificate is available for every lesson attended.

Natural Language Acquisition

Discover the power of hybrid, content-based learning for Business English. Our courses integrate essential business skills—like public speaking and leadership—with language learning.

An interdisciplinary training approach ensures that professionals learn English in context, making it a strategic investment for upskilling professionals.

Transform your team’s communication with transversal training. By focusing on real-world business applications, we make learning English directly applicable and engaging, accelerating both language acquisition and business proficiency.

Course Categories

Learn business in English with over 250 live lessons tailored to job tasks and designed for work and business needs for all employees and departments

Soft Skills Training

Mental Wellness Sessions

Sales Training

Office 365 Courses

Technical Skills Training

Leadership Development Skills

Communication Skills Training

Project Management Training

Essential Business Skills

Compliance Training

Diversity & Inclusion Training (DEI)

Customer Service Excellence Training

Retail Training

Hospitality Training

Health & Safety Training


Get Complete Access to Unlimited Live Courses to Improve Business Skills in English with a Monthly or Yearly Subscription







What makes Skillz Business Training different?

Skillz Business Training platform stands out by offering Live Interactive Webinar training, which is more engaging and effective than traditional e-learning methods, pre-recorded videos, or non-interactive lectures. Our live webinars replicate the classroom experience without the associated high costs and environmental impact.

The live events are scheduled and can be booked in advance, seconds before, or joined in progress. You get easy access to over 200 courses, including full 60-minute sessions and 15-minute Microlearning segments when you need them.

Participants remain anonymous, ensuring privacy, GDPR compliance, and inclusivity for diverse learners.

What are the benefits of live lessons?

Live Interactive Training offers several advantages over traditional e-Learning.

Live training keeps learner engagement high throughout the session. Participants get immediate feedback to reinforce learning concepts.

The interactive lesson format allows for real-time questions and answers through chat boxes, polls, and quizzes to increase active participation.

Various learning styles are addressed to maximize retention and accelerate the learning process.

Live webinars are a dynamic approach to online learning that increase knowledge retention and make learning more efficient and enjoyable.

What course subjects do you cover?

Skillz covers all the essential business skills and is designed to reskill and upskill corporate employees and individual learners to improve career on the job in the workplace.

Ready to Reskill your Team all Year Long with Unlimited Live Business Training in English?

Speak with our team of language consultants to learn how you can integrate learning English with learning new business skills gaining business knowledge while improving English proficiency.

CPD Accredited Training & ISO Certified Language Services

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