E-commerce Translation

Increase your conversions with search engine optimized e-commerce contents.

The global pivot to an online retail space is making localized multilingual e-commerce ever more critical to the future of international business strategies.

E-commerce means there is e-business for everyone anywhere and everywhere there is an internet connection. If you translate and localize your contents. So whether you’re just starting out, or are a seasoned e-tailer we’re here to help you do just that.


Localize for growth

75% of people prefer to make purchases in their own language and 70% of internet users are not native English speakers. Companies are just not reaching their potential markets if their web and e-commerce contents aren’t translated and localized to their target markets.

Local knowledge

Don’t underestimate the importance of local knowledge when it comes to your markets. Knowing local trends, habits and customs and adapting your contents, colors, and images accordingly will help you reach your conversion target.

Act global, think local

Reach out to your global markets locally by targeting geographically, build local presence and interest while upholding your global brand image.


Double your conversion rate by transcreating, optimizing and localizing your e-commerce contents in a single service. Text that is optimized and adapted for each market while being translated saves you time and money.

Let us manage your multilingual content

Rapid turnaround with robust quality control

With only professional human translators, language consultants, local copywriters and digital marketers working in over 50 languages across the globe, we can successfully coordinate all of your multilingual e-commerce content across regions and languages so you can target your local customer while maintaining your global brand identity.

Our linguists supported by dedicated project managers, technicians, robust quality control systems and industry-leading standards of customer care ensure rapid turnaround on even the largest, most complex multilingual e-commerce translation requirements.

Expertly aligned with your brand and target customer

Following best practice in writing for both international SEO and conversions, every product description is written, created or translated in line with your brand values and communication strategy. We have expert consultants familiar with global trends, sector-specific technical vocabulary and the nuances of your target language, so the end result seamlessly carries your message to a local audience.

With the capacity to handle the biggest multilingual projects, we work with any file format or integrate with your CMS to help you leverage your content across platforms and publicactions.

Our e-commerce translation services include:

  • Translation
  • Regional language and culture consultancy
  • Regional market research and brand reputation analysis
  • E-commerce website copywriting, blogs and SEO landing pages
  • Email and newsletter segmentation and translation
  • Keyword research and SEO meta data
  • International SEO and consultancy
  • Style guides
  • Page layout
  • Localisation
  • Transcreation
  • Translation proxy
  • Automatic updates and synchronization
  • Terminology management
  • Product information (including technical briefs and product lists)

Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned e-tailer, let our friendly and knowledgable team help you communicate with your target market and sell your product overseas.

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