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Drive communication with tailored language courses at all levels in the key business languages with highly effective one-to-one or small group training.

Our ACT® method of learning by doing helps anyone achieve immediate results, learn practical skills, and build confidence to communicate, opening up opportunities for work or travel worldwide.

People love our language courses.

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Only the best trainers and coaches

All Maka trainers are qualified language professionals with multicultural experience creating a positive and authentic learning experience while increasing cultural competency.

Only the Languages you need

Strictly made-to-measure

No two people are the same so we customize every one of our language courses to each learner’s needs. That means building on existing strengths and targeting specific areas for improvement and lasting results.

Available where you are

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360° Testing

An accurate 360° assessment analyzes strengths and weaknesses in the target language to tailor accordingly the most effective training program.

360° Training

A multilevel approach that works to develop all key language competencies: communications skills, grammar, functional and professional skills.

ACT® Active Communicative Training

We use the ACT® training method, a flexible and interactive approach that transfers skills straight away, allowing language consolidation in a short time with long-term results.

What's my level

Our test is a 360° assessment of the key language competencies giving you a precise level.

Choose from over 50 languages

Borderless language and cultural training in all major business languages worldwide.

We offer no end of English courses, from sector and skill specific to general, business, and executive training, workshops, exam preparation, and coaching, all strictly made-to-measure.

With over 220 million speakers French is learned in every country across the globe, is the third most used language on the net and France is still a key economic partner that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Take a French course and Vive la France!

Hispanics are one of the fastest growing market segments. A Spanish course can open the door to over 350 million consumers in 21 countries.  No wonder Spanish was named one of the Languages of the Future.

Brazil, has a rich colonial past and a bright economic and cultural future thanks to it becoming the superpower of Latin America. Learning Portuguese can be easy and a lot of fun.

Mysterious and global, a Mandarin Chinese course is ideal if you want to expand your business in the East. Get closer to the world’s largest economy now open to foreign investment and cooperation and discover a culture rich with tradition.

With a rich culture, growing importance in international affairs, significant market expansion, and a GDP of over 600 billion across the Middle East, there are always new potential business opportunities to be had if you learn Arabic.

Beautiful to look at and challenging to learn, Russian is a must for trading with Russia where business is booming and they are open to international partnerships.

Some of the best known brands in the world are Japanese, there are over 90 million internet users and Japan is a key export destination for many countries. Japanese is a demanding language but if you take a Japanese course you can garner some of the skills to navigate the culture and business etiquette.

Choose any course format

Language Courses

General language courses are designed to cover all aspects of a language or to strengthen speaking, reading, writing, listening, and grammar competencies in the fastest most natural way. Perfect for work, study and daily life.

Learn functional fluency quickly with a super-intensive, full-immersion one-to-one language course for long-lasting results fast.
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Build on your existing knowledge, with customised, sector-specific conversation courses that help increase vocabulary and improve fluency.
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Aimed at children from 3 to 12 years old these highly effective English courses for kids in schools teach language and appreciation in a fun and active way using music, arts, and crafts.
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Professional English

Practical, interactive business English workshops develop specific business critical skills for increased confidence and performance.
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Work side-by-side with a professional, mother-tongue language coach directly on specific work tasks to reach performance goals in no time.
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Improve your overall or key business English with a professional English course to tackle specific work challenges or enhance your career prospects.
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Highly tailored language courses for specific projects or complex language goals with an expert and dedicated language trainer.
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We always work together with you to identify, develop, and roll out the best language training courses and solutions to fit the varied requirements of your organization.

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