Urgent Services

Urgent translation services, last minute interpreters, and language courses on demand. When you need it yesterday every minute counts. Maka has the capability and experience to deliver premium solutions to the tightest of deadlines.


Customer Service

Real-time customer support means you always know at what point your project is.

On Demand

You can apply on-demand rush services only on the projects you need in a hurry.

Fast Turnaround

Streamline productivity for faster turnaround times with our efficient project management.

Get your project started now.


The preparation of original documents can be so involving that the translation lead time is forgotten, other times translating something is a last minute decision. Maka is there by your side to help you meet your deadline with premium quality professional urgent translation for your critical business and work documents.


It might be a last minute press conference or you discover that your event attendees don’t speak your language, a professional interpreter can make sure your communications don’t go unheard or misunderstood.


You just headhunted a foreign manager, or an important last minute English presentation might be due and you don’t feel ready and need a quick language course. We can train and prepare for functional language skills in record time thanks to our ACT method.

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