Language Training & Services for International Business

Leverage your Language Learning Journey with a Portfolio of Tailored Training Solutions

Ensure rapid language acquisition for work and international business communications with a multichannel solution that match roles, needs, and skill levels to boost outcomes.

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People Development

Assess resources 360° to define the right program for better business performance.

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Choose the right solution to create a positive experience for higher engagement.

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Target skills and tailor contents for faster learning, and higher retention.


With over 15 years of experience working with leading global brands, Maka is by your side with customised corporate language training to help manage your international business, increase productivity, and boost employee satisfaction.

Go Global

Choose from over 50 languages. Premium professional Instructor-led training, in-company or online for anywhere access.

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Cutting-edge technology and up-to-date contents

Complement your English course with patented award winning English learning software recognized by AIR the American Institutes for Research.

A team of linguists, scientists, developers, designers, and communication experts dedicated to continual advancement in cutting edge technology and learning solutions with an eye on customer success.

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Active Communicative Training

Learn with the ACT training method, an interactive approach designed for adult learners who need skills fast with long-term results.

Market leader in exclusive language training and language learning strategies and expert trainers with a proven track record of helping business like yours meet their goals.

Go Remote

Reduce travel and costs and streamline training by bringing learners and trainers together at a distance with remote courses.
Transform your traditional courses into virtual training.

Service and Support

Customer Success

Access a course coordinator to help manage and schedule language courses.


Take advantage of our language consultancy services for planning, resourcing and advice on training across your organization.

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