Language training & services for international business

From single documents to complex, high volume projects, Maka delivers impeccable translations with total confidentiality throughout.

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and market leading brands operating at the highest levels of business, we help companies with accurate translations of any written communications, from sensitive financial or legal documents through to E-commerce website copywriting.

Only The Best

With experience in handling multilingual content in over 50 languages, our highly qualified and vetted team of exclusively professional native translators and revisers responds quickly and effectively to your needs. Translators are recruited for their expertise in relevant business sectors and subject and matched to your individual requirements.

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Frictionless from briefing to after-sales service

At every stage of our process we ensure the very best of customer service so that our clients are always satisfied.

  • Project managers coordinate your project so it runs smoothly and efficiently
  • Project specifications are documented to achieve the right register for your audience and purpose
  • Clear and prompt human communications at every stage help manage uncertainties
  • Exacting standards of quality control on every project make for superior results
  • Terminology management assures correct and consistent vocabulary
  • Language specialists work together with translators to create the ideal client fit
  • Post service to satisfy further consultation upon client review for the perfect outcome

Full support

As well as providing a dynamic response to urgent or challenging translation requirements, our language consultants and project managers work with you to define specifications, choose the right service, and take the guesswork out of your project.

Take advantage of our language consultancy services for planning, resourcing and advice on translation across your organization.

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