Blended Solutions

Yes, it is possible to tailor blended language learning solutions and online English courses.

Combine the personalization of face-to-face training with the added flexibility of online learning to expand learning time within your budget.


In foreign language learning, the human trainer element is vital to success, blending it with digital and independent study enhances your experience for learning at your own pace.

A good training blend is essential for a blended course to be efficient, depending on your goals and whether you are skills driven, competency driven or attitude driven or even time driven there is a solution that can complement your requirements.

Blended solutions



80% face-to-face / 20% digital learning

A digitally enhanced blended solution is the next best solution after a face-to-face trainer. Your trainer sets tailored digital materials for your self study to extend the reach of your learning outside of the classroom.

For who

Professionals, who are skill and competency driven learners, dedicated to solid improvement that needs to be implemented right away and would like the support of a self-study program that is easy to access from anywhere.

Why 80/20

  • Fully tailored solution
  • Increases fluency
  • Optimizes business skills
  • Improves person-to-person communications
  • Increases learning strategies


40% face-to-face / 40% virtual trainer / 20% digital learning

The next best thing to a face-to-face trainer, where you learn to read language cues is a virtual trainer that knows you and knows your needs. A virtual trainer provides the tailored solution you need with the flexibility you require.

For who

Professionals with serious goals but tight schedules or a lot of travel. A virtual trainer complements your face-to-face lessons on travel or busy days while online digital tools give you the flexibility of easy access to self-study on the move.

Why 40/40/20

  • Flexible solution
  • Fully tailored
  • Increases fluency across mediums
  • Targets business skills
  • Increases learning & comprehension strategies


60% face-to-face or virtual / 40% digital learning

A hybrid solution that combines the need for independent learning through online learning materials with the added plus of an expert trainer to assure language practice, consolidation and communication skills.

For who

Individuals with a positive attitude to independent study and experience in e-learning that have long term learning goals.

Why 60/40

  • Promotes independent learning
  • Flexible time management
  • Easy access from anywhere
  • Helps consolidate learning
  • Increases grammar & vocabulary practice
  • Budget friendly

Before implementing a blended course talk to us about your organizational requirements.

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