Language Coaching

Working directly on work tasks in English is the fastest and most effective way to reach performance goals. Our Executive English coaching is a dynamic and flexible hands-on training formula perfect for busy managers and professionals that need English today.

How it works

Language coaching is a highly focused active and engaging learner-centered training solution of improving English for managers with little time and a lot of high priorities.

Work side-by-side with a professional mother-tongue trainer directly on your personal everyday work tasks including emails, reports, and presentations. Business language and soft skills, grammar, vocabulary, syntax, structure and communications skills are worked in and around individual strengths and weaknesses in context and in practice.

ACT® – Active Communicative Training

The ACT® method of ‘learning by doing’ is a proven and positive learning formula that allows anyone to quickly absorb, retain, and use new language to become functionally fluent in daily professional life.

Positive and proven

Our coaches all have multicultural business backgrounds with extensive experience in personalized training. They keep you engaged, motivated, valued and committed throughout. Empathy between coach and learner is important and we endeavor to find the best match to ensure measurable improvements in the shortest possible time.

Goals are agreed on for each session in order to target changing daily needs. Through a continuous process of feedback and acknowledgement, coaches adapt their training to address requirements and keep motivation high.

Why coaching works

  • Addresses specific work-related issues
  • Saves time
  • Increases engagement & motivation
  • Generates problem solving skills
  • Facilitates cognitive processes
  • Improves language retention
  • Boosts productivity
  • Directly improves performance

If you have a lot of contact with English on a regular basis and want to reach your full potential get in touch now to find out more about our Executive English coaching.

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