Remote Interpreting (RSI)

Make sure your next multilingual event is a success with an integrated Remote Simultaneous Interpreting solution

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Remote simultaneous interpreting with integrated consultancy services, platforms, and technical support to match your event requirements.

Choose your solution

on-site interpreter for conference translation, product presentation, press conferences


Interpreters, equipment, and technicians on premises.

Videoconference interpreter


Communicate through a secure platform for speakers, attendees, and interpreters in different locations.

video and live translation


Combine remote services with on-premises interpreting for a seamless solution.

A platform and service customised to suit your event and attendees

Available Features

Breakout rooms

Set breakout rooms for group activities.

Chat channel

Allow private, group, and multilingual chats.

Q&A Board

Incorporate a multilingual question board for moderators.

Live polls

Get feedback and activate surveys in real-time.

Screen sharing

Share screens for showing documents and presentations.

Moderator control

Control speaker and delegate video and audio settings, switch broadcasters, and view participants.

Language selector

Let attendees and delegates choose their language.

Timezone synchronizer

Change for different timezones.

Personalised dashboard

Present through a branded platform and set stage announcements.

Event recording

Record your language channels and event.

User guides

Supply audiences with a user guide.

Settings tester

Check audio settings and manage mic & channel controls.


Integrate with your streaming and teleconferencing products including Skype, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Zoom, Cisco, Video, On24 and more.

Videoconference Interpreter via zoom,


Unlimited simultaneous language combinations, unlimited speakers, and unlimited attendees for any size event.

International remote Interpreter services


Access from any device; smartphone or laptop.

Interpreter on demand

Count on end-to-end language services to streamline your event.

Language expertise

live translator

Unlimited language combinations

Add multiple language combinations in different channels to any event to reach attendees everywhere.

Professional interpreters

Use a team of conference level interpreters with expertise in your required field.

International team of linguists

Count on a team of translators to streamline your event materials and contents.


Your entire interpreting team is briefed and prepared on your glossary, contents, materials, and agenda.

high Performance RSI Remote Interpreting Equipment

High Performance

High definition video streaming resolution

Clear audio and full bandwidth


2-factor identification

AV sync

Reliable connection


Certified multiple off-site & AWS servers

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Service and Support

Project Management

Your dedicated project manager works with you to choose the right interpreters and platform for your specific needs and is available throughout so your event runs smoothly.

Technical support

Rely on experienced technical support to evaluate your technical requirements, assess your equipment and sync with venues to get you set up before your event and be on hand throughout your event to monitor language channels, prevent and resolve any issues quickly and easy.

Quality Monitoring

Our interpreters, technical team, and project manager work together to provide monitoring for quality assurance during your entire event for successful outcomes.

Speak with a consultant to build the solution that meets your needs
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