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Make multilingual content creation and management easy. Streamline your copywriting, translation and localization processes across your marketing, e-commerce and organization touchpoints.


E-commerce Product Listing Pages (PLP)

E-commerce Product Detail Pages (PDP)

E-commerce Product Descriptions (PD)

Technical Descriptions and Training Handbooks

Website Editorial Content

Social Media Marketing

Multilingual Feeds

Blogs and Articles

Branded Content

Landing pages

Case Studies

Direct Email Marketing


Need to Produce a lot of Contents Fast?

Turn your ideas into search engine optimised assets to populate your socials, website and landing pages with AI generated content, copy-editing or professional human copywriting to improve engagement and conversions.

Multichannel Content Management

Create cohesive brand content and copy for your physical and digital marketing and e-commerce store.
Unify your tone-of-voice, glossary and terminology across channels for a seamless customer experience in line with your marketing strategy.

Go Multilingual and Integrate Copy and Translation into your ecosystem

Leverage your content with professional Italian and English optimized copywriting services integrated with localization tools and reach your global markets faster. Integrate your Content Management System (CMS), Component Content Management System (CCMS), Product Information Management System (PIM), Marketing tools or Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM) with professional localization services to engage more customers and convert.

Optimize your Pages with AI for higher conversion rates (CRO)?

Optimize your pages in real-time to improve your organic SERP positioning and increase conversion rates using AI content creation layers for your product pages and descriptions.

How can I maintain my search rankings with AI-powered updates, SGE, and AI overviews?

Ensure your pages follow E-E-A-T principles and provide users with new, original, relevant, and engaging content. Use our expert content writers, copywriters, and localization services for top-quality results.

Establish and Keep your Unique Brand Voice with Coordinated Search Engine Optimized English and Italian Human or AI Content Creation, Copywriting, Post Editing, and Localization for Better Business Results.

Simplify Your Multilingual Content Management


Fast-track your time to market and integrate your content and copywriting service with your translation and localization services as you internationalize and grow.

Protect your unique brand tone-of-voice, glossary and terminology across all your global business markets and touchpoints with a single point of reference for your multilingual translation.

Coordinate your digital marketing, website, E-commerce, corporate, financial and legal translation services companywide for improved internal processes to save time and resources.

Automate workflows and integrate your PIM/DAM, CMS, CRM, Business Management tools, apps and more with translation tools and systems to make your ecosystem multilingual.

Unify translation and revision services companywide to streamline content management and leverage your processes

Translation, Localization and Post Editing in English, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, Arabic, German, Russian and more.

Transform your content into multilingual content as your business grows

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Improve search visibility for pages, posts and products to rank higher in international SERP results while maintaining high-quality copywriting that converts.

Increase sales globally using international SEO with professional localization for cultural relevance and linguistic nuances to build trust and increase position in SGE results.

Integrate translation and localization directly into your marketing tools to reduce time-to-market for competitive advantage.

Blend Multilingual optimized AI content creation with human post-editing to reduce costs while maintaining engagement for credibility and conversion rates.

Get Better Marketing Results in Overseas Markets

Marketing SEO Translation, Editing and Transcreation for CRO

Optimized AI Content Creation for E-commerce Pages

Competitor SERP Analysis

Website Localization

Multilingual SEO

Multilingual Keyword Mapping

International Search Engine Optimization

ISEO Consultancy

AI Generated Content and Copy-editing

Download our SEO Best Practices Guide for International SEO | Read more about SEO Best Practices

Only the Languages you need

Flexible Tailormade Solutions

Customize your language services according to your requirement and integrate language into your workflow and marketing tools to leverage your assets and grow globally.

image for quality language training, services, translation, and interpreting

Experts in Luxury & Fashion and Made-in-Italy

Market leader in end-to-end multilingual digital marketing and business solutions with a proven track record for supporting companies locally and growing their business’ internationally.

One Stop Language Agency

360° Language Service Provider

A single point of reference for all your global language services to coordinate your brand tone-of-voice across all assets, touchpoints and areas of your business.

Schedule an appointment to see how Maka can help align your global language content creation and management with your marketing strategy through SEO copywriting and marketing translation services.


Terminology Database

Style Guides

Translation Memories

Integrate Content Management Systems (CMS)

Media Translation and DTP

RSI Remote Interpreting Platforms

Centralized Purchasing

PIM Data Management

Integrate Apps and Automate Translation and Content Writing

Get the quality of human translation, copywriting and interpreting with the added benefit of digital technology and artificial intelligence for quicker turnaround times, smooth file exchange and consistent terminology across your contents and documents.

Add language into your operations loop efficiently by integrating your PIM, DAM, CMS, CCMS, CRM, marketing tools and feed managers with our multilingual management tools to streamline processes and make publishing and sharing product information and assets easier. Put Langops to work

Centralize your purchasing through a single translation management system for ordering and integrate your orginaztions platforms for managing your multilingual translations all in one place.

Simplify your Content and Translation Management. Integrate and Automate Language with Technology

Get Started with Optimzing your Multilingual Content Management Workflow and Put Language in the Loop

We are proud to work with some of the best brands out there


Build your Brand Internationally with Expert Localization Services in Over 50 Languages

Luxury & Fashion

Cosmetics & Fragrances

Food & Beverage

Clothing & Footwear


Jewelry & Watches

Business Services


The Maka Logo, language training and services for global business

Full service language solutions for your digital content

Our copywriting, translation and interpreting services for E-commerce, marketing, fashion, luxury, and international business help companies sell more products and grow faster globally. We help you streamline your multilingual management and procurement processes for improved efficiency and improved results.

Maka is a best-in-class full-service multilingual language consultancy and solutions provider with a proven track record of helping business like yours meet their goals.

Ready to Streamline your Multilingual Content Creation and Management with an End-to-End Solution?

Speak with our team of Language consultants to learn how you can improve your marketing content creation and management workflow and drive conversions.

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