Localize your Contents for an Improved Customer Experience and Faster Growth Overseas

Get support with your internationalization strategy and localize your website, e-commerce and marketing contents to local audiences for maximum business results abroad.

Why Localize?

Higher Page Ranking

Content Localized and Optimized for Local Search Engines Drives More Traffic

75% More User Reach

Most People Prefer to Make Purchases in their own Language

80%+ Growth Potential

The Fastest Growing Ecommerce Markets are Overseas

You can communicate with 90% of the world through 14 languages. Get guidance to identify which content to translate and localize.

Localize your Contents and Communications

  • Numbers, dates, measures

  • Graphics, media, images, videos

  • Navigational contents, meta data, keywords

  • Titles, e-commerce descriptions, website content

  • Email marketing, marketing communications

  • Checkout and payment processes

What is Localization?

Adapt your marketing contents to the local search habits, customs and culture of your target market for increased credibility, traffic, and sales.

Localized language, colors, numbers, dates, measures, graphics, media and design makes your content sounds and feel native to your customer.

Customers value content specific to their country and localized content improves search engine optimization for higher page ranking, translating to increased sales stimulating growth and success.

How it Works

A consultancy starts with identifying your overall requirements, localization strategy and target markets. We then follow up with your marketing, SEO, and product teams for a brand induction.

A dedicated team combines linguistic expertise and local cultural knowledge with a high-level of professional experience in marketing, advertising, copywriting and translation to localize your content.

By localizing your website, e-commerce store, apps and marketing content and materials we translate and adapt the source content considering different writing and numbering systems, graphics, design, text layout and aesthetics, regional politics, regulations, and religion.

Worlwdide Language Services

Go Global by Going Local

Adapt to your local market while maintaining brand voice consistency worldwide.

Videoconference Interpreter via zoom,

Localize in Over 70 Languages

Streamline your processes with a single trusted provider for your international websites.

Would you like support with your localization strategy? Speak with a consultant.

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Ready to Grow your Brand Overseas?

Speak with a Maka Language Consultant to find out how you can increase your overseas sales by localizing your website, e-commerce descriptions, product description pages and marketing contents.

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