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“Communication is key,” it is one of our most important assets and leads to personal and business success. An English conversation course helps you to be yourself and to feel as confident and to express yourself in English as you would in your own language.

Speak up

Speaking proficiency is crucial to inform, persuade, and connect with people. Working on the four aspects of communication, listening, reading, writing and speaking you will be able to clearly and confidently get the attention you need, get your message across, and hold your audience.

Speak out

It is nice to feel you can talk to anyone about anything, anytime. Often when we have to speak a foreign language we feel less prepared and shy and so don’t venture into normal conversation. Or, we hide behind someone else who feels more confident. But in reality, if you learn how, you can communicate and speak English even with just a few words. Learn to listen, ask questions, pay attention, and be yourself in both informal and formal situations.

Feeling relaxed and confident is an essential element to the art of communication. We will give you the skills and help you feel comfortable enough to joke, tell a story, debate, banter, participate in a meeting, or give a presentation, just like you do in your own language.

English conversation and communication skills

Speak easy

How it works

Maka’s English conversation course laboratories are designed as topic based forums in which from one to ten participants can practice and perfect English fluency and fluidity through the exploration of practical themes directly related to their work or personal interests.

Lessons are based around tasks, activities, debate, role-play and discussions on current events, global news stories, sector news, and other areas of interest.

Professional English mother-tongue language trainers with multicultural backgrounds work closely and coach to improve pronunciation, style, vocabulary, fluency and confidence and to speak up.

PS. An English conversation course is the best and budget friendly way to maintain any language investment.

Choose From

Get the gift of gab so you can speak with anyone about anything, anytime, anywhere. Perfect for all learner levels.

Expand your English conversation skills by looking at what’s happening and trending around the world.

Practice speaking so you feel ready to talk with colleagues, participate in a meeting, and acquire new business vocabulary.

Learning to tell a story is a fun and challenging way of provoking language development, communication and problem solving skills.

Follow and discuss world trends and events in the luxury & fashion market to stay on top.

In continual evolution, HR can be challenging, learn and use sector vocabulary through topics and developments in your field.

There’s nothing more curious than combing the financial papers in English for news that can help you practice and prepare for your daily exchanges.

Develop your English while researching the latest news, developments and events in the creative industry.

Choose from any of our proven courses or order a tailored communications course to suit your sector, industry, organization or language goals now.

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