Business English Workshops

Develop practical English for specific work challenges quickly and effectively through our interesting and innovative series of business English workshops.

A very positive learning experience

Designed for corporate staff, managers, business leaders, and teams, our English workshops are delivered by professional language trainers with significant sector expertise. Using the motivating and interactive ACT® method of ‘learning by doing’, and conducted in a collaborative environment workshops focus training on specific work topics, which either influence or are critical to business.

Through interactive activities and hands-on-practice participants develop the field vocabulary, experience and confidence needed to work in English and communicate with customers and colleagues with renewed energy.

Why our workshops "work":

  • Focus on a specific skill set
  • Contextualize learning
  • Boost morale
  • Maximize participation
  • Build stronger teams
  • Enhance soft skills
  • Facilitate immediate application
  • Directly increase productivity

Fast and effective

Designed for businesses that need rapid, measurable results, our successful professional business English workshops are organized in half day or full day blocks of 2, 3 and 4 days.



All markets, even at home, are now multinational, reinforce your front-line to help your bottom line.

-Retail sales
-Personal assistants
-Public sector
-Call center
-Cross cultural customer service
-For managers

Interact successfully with clients and colleagues from diverse cultures.

-Intercultural communications
-American culture training
-Japanese culture training
-Chinese culture training
-Russian culture training
-Offshore English
-Working in a global team
-Cross-cultural team management

Sometimes the difference between good performance and great performance is a set of practical skills.

-Effective presentations skills
-Telephone with confidence
-Business writing communications
-Numbers & trends
-Meeting strategies
-Working with an interpreter

The benefit of these workshops is two-fold to improve performance and motivation in English making working in a foreign language less-stressful and more fulfilling.

-Time management
-Public speaking
-Intercultural communications
-The art of communicating
-Female leadership
-Problem solving through creative storytelling
-Problem solving through creative mind mapping
-Creative production through journaling

Team-building courses in English are fun activities that bring individuals together to encourage collaboration and motivate teams to use English to problem solve and break the English ice.

-Art in English
-Singing in English
-Motivation & performance
-Cooking together
-Dinner in English
-Creative storytelling
-Creativity in the digital age
-Escape room
-Field day

Sharpen your sector-specific vocabulary and acquire new tools to do a better job more easily.

-Human resources
-Luxury & fashion
-Visual merchandising
-Marketing & communications
-English for cabin crew
-Floral retail
-Tourism & hospitality
-Legal English

Get the background information you need to know your market and feel confident to succeed working across borders.

-Doing business in Asia
-Doing business in the UAE
-Doing business in the Middle East
-Doing business in the USA
-Doing business in Central & Latin America
-Doing business in Africa
-International expansion for Made in Italy
-International market research
-The Asian century: A myth or reality?
-What is globalization?
-Global governance: who runs the world
-International relations & business
-International relations in the 21st century

Workshops tailored to fit your company language requirements, perfect for special projects and to motivate teams and grow professionally.

-Choose the topic
-Choose the length
-Choose the intensity
-Choose the language

Let our team of mother-tongue language and training consultants help you choose the right business English course or workshop for your team.

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