Intensive Training

Maka’s Extreme language series of unique, full-immersion intensive language courses give you functional fluency for work or daily use quickly and effectively.

Fast, effective and fluent

Moving overseas for work or being head hunted at a multinational level. The global workforce is on the move. Language learning and assimilation needs to be fast and effective.

The faster you learn the language and culture, the quicker you can face the challenges and integrate into life and work comfortably and confidently.

Extreme courses, Extreme results

The fastest way to learn any language is through full-immersion.

With our Extreme series, you get a unique full-immersion language and culture experience, right here at home and quickly develop a broad ability across the whole language competency spectrum with greater retention and competency developed by learning in context thanks to 360° simulated study guided by an expert language trainer.

Dynamic contents

  • Work tasks & challenges
  • Cultural visits
  • News & current events
  • Industry resources
  • Multimedia didactics
  • Interactive activities

Skill development

  • Essential grammar & language structure
  • Speaking confidence & fluency
  • Writing fundamentals
  • Business skills & terminology
  • Cultural understanding
  • Personal language requirements

Ad hoc solutions

Extreme courses are available for all levels of competency, from complete beginners to advanced speakers.

Choose between half day, full day, and all day lessons for a duration of from one to four weeks.

Our one-to-one, tailored Extreme training uses the ACT® method of Active Communicative Training, a powerful teaching method that uses learning by doing.

Courses are available on demand and last minute.

Intensive Italian course

Moving to Italy? Come and learn Italian for work and find out about the cultural nuances and getting around so you feel immediately at home with an intensive Italian course.

Intensive language course

Moving overseas? Come and quickly learn the basics of any new language or culture or brush up on your English so nothing can stop you with a full-immersion intensive language course.

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