Special Projects

Some international projects require extraordinary language course solutions. Global businesses and organizations trust us to create highly tailored, highly specific language training for particular personal or business assignments to get measurable results immediately.

The sky’s the limit.

Founded as a language consultancy to help companies integrate multicultural teams across the globe and prepare work forces in English, Maka is prepared to help you take your next intercultural language challenge and achieve success.

Bespoke Courses for Highly Specialized Requirements

From the Latin American Director of a luxury brand who needs to quickly familiarize himself with Colombian culture to open a new branch, to the archeologist who needs to learn Egyptian Arabic for a dig, to a digital team that needs to present their company to venture capitalists, our ability to respond to special language projects with exactly the right kind of training is one of Maka’s key strengths.

With expertise in over 50 languages we match our clients requirements with dedicated consultants, trainers and language specialists with the relevant experience to deliver the required outcomes quickly. Using the ACT® method we teach in a dynamic and practical way giving participants confidence to use their target language in real life situations accurately and authentically.

The sky really is the limit.

If you have a special language project that needs an extraordinary language course or urgent response.

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