Legal Services

For any legal translation, precision and accuracy are vital. We facilitate communications at all stages of the legal process. Our legal and sworn translators and interpreters provide 360° professional solutions in 50 languages.

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Maka regularly works with high profile international law firms, courts, law enforcement and public sector institutions, providing impeccable translation and interpreting services where a rigorous understanding of legal practice and terminology is essential.

Our international staff includes bilingual attorneys, bankers, doctors, and engineers as well as academics and diplomats supported by dedicated project managers who ensure robust standards of quality control and customer service throughout.

Legal language solutions

With our high profile language services, legal and corporate professionals are constantly ready to react in real time to every situation rapidly and effectively.

Our legal services include:

  • Judicial proceedings services
  • Evidentiary documents translation
  • Labeling requirements
  • Summons and complaints
  • Interpreting for depositions
  • Interpreting for meetings and conferences
  • Contracts & agreements translation
  • Transcription of court hearings
  • Multilingual evidence taking
  • International service of process

court registered translators

sworn translation

Sworn translations are translations that are officially valid and recognized by authorities. Original documents are translated then signed and sealed in the courts by our sworn translator. They attest to the accuracy of the translated text and must include hard copies of the original document and the translated equivalent.

Sworn translations are often requested for:

Legal documents to be used in and out of court
Residency and citizenship purposes
Meeting minutes
Financial information

Get a sworn translation in Milan, Italy that's valid worldwide

If you’re working on an international case, we are your trusted language partner.

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