Language training & services for international business

A professional, multi-disciplinary team of certified interpreters in Italy covering over 50 languages for clients from anywhere in the world.

Only the best

Your global operations, acquisitions, mergers, presentations, negotiations and meetings need a professional language interpreter to represent your company at its best. A good interpreter bridges cultural gaps, knows your industry specific terminology and can convert your ideas and images as you intend them to your investors, customers and colleagues.

Our interpreting services offer an immediate solution. Whether you need a liaison interpreter for a trade fair or multilingual interpreting for an international conference, we match your needs to qualified professional interpreters with the right sector-specific experience.

Our project managers and consultants can help you decide on

the right solution and support for your event.

Our professional interpreting services

For medium to large-scale groups during conferences, meetings, seminars or product presentations

For small groups and informal situations including exhibitions, promotions, events, negotiations and technical support

Interpreting for one-to-one telephone and conference calls and virtual meetings

An interpreter accompanies an individual or small groups for tours, visits, meetings and interviews

Simultaneous interpreting for media coverage including live TV broadcasts, streaming, press conferences and interviews

Experienced and qualified interpreters for legal proceedings in and out of court

Bipartisan medical liaisons to accompany medical staff, patient or family members or to support medical professionals and focus groups

Interpreting modes

Simultaneous interpreting

Interpret and relay foreign language speech simultaneously as it is broadcast with no interruptions

Consecutive interpreting

Interpret and relay sections of foreign language speech to render complete thoughts following a speaker pause

Whispered / Chuchotage interpreting

Interpret foreign language speech into the ear of the speaker or listener in real-time and without equipment

Relay interpreting

Relay foreign language speech into a common source language to be interpreted into multiple target languages

We can also assist with conference equipment and services to support our interpreter including audio-visual equipment and telecoms.

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