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Skillz is a total learning solution for the workplace.

Live micro “seed” learning modules across all the essential business topics are designed to quickly and easily improve the on-the-job performance of global teams.

Practical courses on popular subjects make learning useful and live expert teachers make the lessons engaging.

Course modules and lesson plans are tailored to job tasks and business needs for all employees, professionals and departments.

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Learn business in English with lessons tailored to job tasks and designed for work and business needs for all employees, professional, departments and industries.

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Mental Wellness Sessions

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Office 365 Courses

Technical Skills Training

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Business Courses

Learn AI for business applications to work smarter
Learn how to be an active listener in English in a short 20 minute lesson.
Check out our Customer Service Courses in English for Employees on our low cost Online Learning Platform with Lessons in Live-Streaming with Professional English Trainers.
Where to find Project Management for Non-project Managers Courses for employees
Learn how to interview in English without bias in a 20-minute course to fit a busy schedule.
Wellness at work courses for company training programs. How to prevent employee burnout.

Real-Life, Real-World Business Courses

Current business and work topics make courses relevant and useful and engaging for better ROI.

New Relevant Course Contents & Materials Weekly

New course contents and materials are designed based on learner feedback making them relevant and learner centric.

Hybrid, Real-Life Learning English + Business

Improve English fluency, comprehension, pronunciation, and new phrases in a work context – without studying traditional grammar and vocabulary exercises for better language application and retention.

Diverse people learning in dynamic online Business classes with new interesting content and topics added regularly. An alternative live e-learning solution to upskill.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What course topics are available?

All the Skillz learning platform courses are essential business courses for work. Courses, lesson contents and course materials are designed and added regularly based on user feedback and needs.

Every week you can find useful short lessons and courses on topics from sales and customer service to soft skills and leadership. Trending course topics and governance topics like mental wellness, diversity & inclusion and compliance are also included with a subscription.

Transversal course modules on communication skills, project management, sales, office 365, health & safety, hospitality, and retail are available too.

What level are the courses?

The courses are all skill level and transversal. They are held in native English making them perfect for hybrid learning and learning English in a business context.

How are the courses structured?

Courses vary from short 20-minute lessons to full 60-minute modules. Expert business trainers hold live interactive lessons you can book directly on your dashboard. Lessons may include pols, exercises, guest presenters and more. If you miss a lesson you can catch it later on-demand for a few weeks via the webinar library.

What is the duration of each course?

Courses range from micro-lessons of 20 minutes to 60-minute sessions. You can easily book one that fits your schedule.

Are the courses live or recorded videos?

Every lesson is scheduled as a live broadcast so that it is fully interactive and no two lessons are the same. If you miss a lesson, you can access it as a video lesson in the course library for a few weeks.

You can also access any past webinars via the library at any time making Skillz a hybrid learning platform, an interactive and more engaging alternative to traditional eLearning.

What are the qualifications and experience of the instructors?

Skillz trainers are professional native English speaking career trainers with experience in the fields and industry they teach. They cover industries from advertising, sales, client services, learning & development, financial services and banking, media, IT, data protection, counseling, hospitality, retail, sports, executive coaching, change management and much more.

Is there a set schedule for live classes, or can I access them at my convenience?

Live broadcast lessons with live coaches are scheduled throughout the day during the working week. Courses are during work hours and early evening hours You can see the schedule directly on your dashboard when you log in book a lesson you want to attend whenever you want.

You can attend live trainer lessons throughout the working day and early evening to fit your schedule or choose to watch the webinar or choose a course from the course library for self-paced learning at any time that is convenient to you.

Will I receive a recognized certificate upon completion of the course?

All the business training courses on the platform are CPD Certified and come with a course certificate and CPD points. After each course a learner can download their course certificate for their records.
Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accreditation means that the training meets the required standards for improving skills and competency for better workplace performance, future career prospects and continuous up skilling and re-skilling so that skills and qualificactions are not outdated.
CPD learning is based on active learning. Interactive, participant-based training courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, eLearning programs that are geared towards proactive lifelong learning for professionals.
Continuing Professional Development accreditation is an assurance of training integrity and quality. Read more.

How will this course help me in my career or business?

The business courses are designed and accredited for Continuing Professional Development. They are designed specifically for learning new skills for workplace performance and future career prospects.

Modules are based on improving your job skills when you need them and obtaining new qualifications and putting them straight into practice quickly and easily.

Second language speakers will learn English for work naturally and in context making it easier to transfer new vocabulary and phrases into practice. Real-life English comprehension and communication skills become naturally more proficient through transversal learning.

What is the cost of the course(s)?

All courses are included in a subscription plan. You can choose the learning subscription plan to fit your organization. Plans are available for small business training and teams, individuals and professionals, and enterprise plans for large numbers of people. See subscriptions.

How do I book a course?

It’s easy! To book a live training course for yourself, login and go to your courses page. Choose the lesson you want to learn or the subject you want to explore and simply sign up.

If you are one of the admins on team or enterprise plans you can book courses for yourself and assign courses for your people in your company ashboard.

Are all the courses in English?

Yes, currently all of the courses are in English with native English speaking coaches. Learning English in context with content-based learning is the most effective way to learn a language. If you would like to explore multilingual solutions for subtitles and transcripts to facilitate comprehension, please get in touch with our Training Team at

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