Assessment Testing

How much English is enough?

You know your staff’s strengths and weaknesses, but do you know if they speak enough English to do their job efficiently? Organizations and business today recognize the importance of competent staff. Finding, identifying and investing in talent is a challenge.

Our performance management language assessment support can help you evaluate your people to make sure they have the right language skills to get the job done.

In-company, In control

Count on our in-company assessment service to provide an accurate and thorough benchmark of a candidate’s current ability, check the suitability of applicants for roles requiring foreign language skills, and identify the most appropriate and cost effective training solutions to meet objectives.

We also offer courses to help individuals prepare for success in standard English language tests required by organizations and employers.


Know who to invest in and how much

Comprehensive, 360° written and oral testing that covers the four key language competencies to establish overall staff competency.

Accurately test from one to one thousand employees in any of the common business languages.


Make an informed decision

With today’s increasing pool of job applicants, English competency assessment is an integral part of the interview process. Working together with HR and training departments or small companies, Maka helps assess and ensure your candidate has the required skills for a job role.

Get the necessary language support when choosing or promoting your people.


English in the global workplace

The TOEIC® (Test Of English for International Communications) is the world’s most common English test for business professionals. It allows organizations to evaluate and classify the English level of their staff precisely.

Find out more about in-company TOEIC® testing.


Pass any language test

Maka has a proven track record for helping people prepare and pass foreign language tests with flying colors from the standard TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC® and Cambridge tests to teacher designed University and school exams.

Tell us what you need to be prepared for.


360° assessment

Our comprehensive 360° written and oral language assessment test covers the four key language competencies and identifies areas of strengths and weakness pinpointing micro skills, perfect for an accurate picture of tangible ability and for creating highly tailored and effective language learning paths.
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