Raise your company’s game

Global strategy, international business, overseas sales, increased productivity, innovation, growth, renewal, transformation, performance. It’s an exciting time to turn your business into a successful global business.

With over a decade’s experience as the trusted language partner of major global brands, we help you increase your global business by turning language and cultural barriers into bridges with bespoke solutions for any special project.

Total support

From training local staff to recruiting international staff, from launching a new product to exploring a new market, Maka is your go-to for international communications and expansion from A to Z pairing our language know-how and cultural problem solving with your industry expertise.

Multilingual or complex

With qualified experts in over 50 languages, operating locally and internationally, and the most innovative language tools, we are your best choice for complex multilingual contents and projects online and on-location.


Unrivaled standards of service

You can count on a multicultural team of language consultants worldwide for language services at 360°, dedicated project managers and constant client support to find innovative solutions to your critical issues.Read More »

Unrivaled quality assurance

Our dedication to quality is the foundation of our business. By continually investing in people, processes and technology we deliver nothing less than total satisfaction. And of course, we are ISO9001: 2008 Certified.Read More »


At home

Sometimes transformation starts at home, we give you full support with any unique language need you might have internally, from researching ancient Chinese medicine to designing a brand new training course tailored to your sales force.


Internationalization can be daunting, we assist you in boosting your presence overseas through communications, cultural mediation and liaising with international partners and staff for research, meetings, negotiations and recruitment.

Special project?

We are always ready for your challenge. No two projects are the same. This is where language consulting comes into it’s own. Our 360° services mean we work side by side with you to analyze your requirements from the inside out and design multifaceted solutions.

Change gears

A changing environment but the same tired language courses? Make a strategic transformation and rethink your language training strategy by introducing something new to boost motivation and enhance performance.

Leverage your language services with our full A to Z service for global business

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