CV & Job Interview Support

How much English is enough?

In an increasingly globalised employment marketplace, more and more companies require English language skills as standard. When global companies hire internationally cover letters, resumes and interviews are in English.

Ensure you maximize your chances of success through our CV services for advice and support presenting your skills and experience in the best possible way.

A CV to Get You Noticed

Employers receive hundreds of CVs. Using the right language really makes a difference. We understand what employers are looking for and can optimise your CV to make a lasting impact.

Using European, American and/or international standards, our professional, mother tongue experts will prepare your English language CV, translating and adapting it to meet the expectations of modern businesses, and helping you to sell yourself effectively.

Conquer the Job Interview

Getting your CV to stand out is only the first step. Effective interview preparation is crucial and can make all the difference between having the confidence to get the job you want or not.

Qualified Maka trainers deliver focused, personalised tuition using tried and tested strategies for a successful outcome. This includes preparing a pre-interview checklist and practicing specific questions and appropriate answers, as well as tips on key interview language and principles.


A world of opportunity awaits

Total Support

With a professional English resume and honed question and answer skills you can walk into your interview mentally prepared and confident that you will achieve the best result.

Get in touch to find out more about our CV adaption and interview preparation.

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