Presentation Preparation

Deliver your presentation in English confidently no matter your level or audience with hands on coaching.

As business becomes more global, the ability to deliver a successful presentation in English to colleagues or customers is a must. The combination of public speaking, talking in a second language, and the additional pressure to achieve a positive business outcome can be nerve-wracking.

Not a problem.

How to feel confident

Through dynamic practice, real-time input and preparation to international standards, our professional, targeted coaching from business language specialists provides the expert training you need to deliver clear and effective foreign language presentations each and every time.

Together we thoroughly rehearse and enhance every element of your presentation, from topic-specific terminology to troubleshooting areas of weakness, enabling you to get your point across fluently and succinctly. We also train specifically for question and answer sessions, pre-empting possible lines of questioning and using tips and techniques to deal with unexpected topics.

Have an upcoming presentation you need help with?

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