Language training & services for international business

Maka language training is used by organizations and professionals to achieve rapid acquisition of core language skills for work and for international business.

With over 15 years of experience working with leading global brands, we deliver outstanding customized training that allows people to communicate in a foreign language proficiently.

The most successful global companies prefer face-to-face training


The right partner

  • Higher information retention rates
  • Multilevel contents
  • Personalized training experience
  • Immersive & engaging
  • Develop communication skills
  • Broaden global knowledge
  • 360° language experience
  • Skill application

People development

  • Valid 360° assessment testing
  • Fully tailored courses
  • Targeted skill-specific training
  • Professional, qualified trainers
  • Tangible benefits
  • Better international business performance
  • Refined cross-cultural skills
  • Increased confidence

Results-oriented training for better business performance

Targeted language training means practical communication and business skills for better results from both customers and colleagues. We train our clients to be effective in every language.

ACT® Active Communicative Training

We use the ACT training method, a flexible and interactive approach that transfers skills straight away, allowing language consolidation in a short time with long-term results.


Take advantage of our language consultancy services for planning, resourcing and advice on training across your organization.

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