English for Schools

Using fun, interactive methods of teaching based on learning by doing, our innovative English language programs for schools achieve exceptional results with children.

Modern & engaging teaching builds <3

Young learners are engaged in English in a friendly informal environment in order for language acquisition to be as natural as possible. Using CLIL, Content and Language Integrated Learning, a multidisciplinary teaching practice approved by the European Commission, English is taught through a non-linguistic subject matter. By learning in English, children’s curiosity and interest level is heightened and they develop their core linguistic skills and vocabulary more quickly and naturally than in traditional formal teaching methods.

The combination of language and content reinforces mental processes and provides children with multiple ways of exploring, understanding and communicating.

How it works

Working with school groups, we create inspiring and enjoyable courses taught by professional language trainers with extensive experience in teaching children.

Aimed at children from 3 up to 12 years old, all of our English courses for schools take place on school premises after school hours with a suggested number of 6 and a maximum number of 10 students per class.

Our school programs include

The arts become a vehicle for learning, representing potent forms of cognition.
Recommended for Kindergarten, elementary, and middle schools.

Children are stimulated through intriguing topics of their interest.
Recommended for middle school and junior high schools.

A stimulating 360° hands on approach to English appreciation and competency.
Recommended for high school students.

Maka also organizes individual bespoke courses for young learners at Maka Center.

Organize a course at your school.

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