Business Translation

From sensitive legal and financial documents to marketing communications, Maka’s document translation service is a fast and reliable solution with confidentiality throughout.

Our exceptional standards of quality control and customer service have won us high profile clients in a broad range of sectors including global brands and Fortune 500 companies.

Translation service levels


Non-critical documents for informational purposes

Internal communications
User-generated contents
Inbound queries & notifications
Basic e-commerce descriptions
large volumes of non-critical text

Junior translator or
Pre-translation with human post editing
Project Management


Business critical and sensitive documents

Multilingual websites
Stylized e-commerce
Business communications
Outbound communications
Press releases
Product descriptions
Social advertising

Senior translator
Project management


High-quality, sector specific and brand sensitive contents

Multilingual premium websites
Financial, medical, scientific & legal documents
Publishing & print
Advertising & marketing
Creative translation
Labelling, packaging & brochures

Project management
Senior translator
Client review & alignment

Order via a client portal

Streamline your companywide translation with your own dedicated portal for ordering, tracking and organization made fast, clear, and easy.

Order via a project manager

For personalized service send your translations and project brief via email directly to our project managers who will handle your quote, brief, and any queries.

Do you have a large project that needs careful attention and coordination? Speak with one of our project or account managers to find out more about what we can do for you.

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