English for Accounting – Level 1

Maximize the performance of your accounting team with instructor-led English training to target key language skills.

Simplify the accounting process in English with customers and international colleagues for increased productivity and confidence.

A multi-session English training course for elementary English speakers designed to introduce a wide range of basic vocabulary in context. English acquisition is through following natural accounting processes, reading and reporting on data and further consolidated through role-play.


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Language training & services for international business


Improve work efficiency in English with this skill specific English for Accounting course and feel comfortable speaking and using English for work.

  • Improve reading comprehension for financial documents, concepts, changes and trends
  • Strengthen communication skills for calls, meetings, discussions and presentations about numbers & currency
  • Explore and consolidate new vocabulary and useful phrases for accountancy and finance
  • Learn and implement clear grammar and sentence structures in context
  • Enhance interactive listening for faster acquisition and problem solving

For who

The English for Accounting course is for elementary English speakers who work in accounting, administration, banking and finance and needs to improve their English for working better with international clients and colleagues.


12 sessions of 90 minutes or 9 sessions of 120 minutes


Training is available online, on Client premises, or as a hybrid solution

Level | Prerequisite



The English for accounting module includes the course materials and an Accounting Glossary & Reference Guide for long term use.

Course Contents

Accounting Roles

  • Recognizing accounting roles & responsibilities
  • Introductions, meeting & greeting


  • Getting comfortable with numbers & currency
  • Reading and expressing formulas and equations
  • Making comparisons

Bookkeeping cycle

  • Reviewing the bookkeeping cycle and exploring terminology
  • Asking for, clarifying and confirming information

Accounting principles

  • Introducing accounting principles in English
  • Agreeing & disagreeing, using positive and negative constructions, pros & cons

Financial Statements

  • Getting familiar with and reporting on Income and financial statements & balance sheets, profit & loss
  • Reporting facts and opinions

The Accounting equation

  • Reading about assets, liabilities, revenue, expenses, draws and cashflow
  • Confirming meaning, reacting to news


  • Talking about taxes and tax systems
  • Describing change & making predictions


  • Introducing company & management vocabulary
  • Talking about budgets and business
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